Manuf. by CARDINELL-VINCENT CO., San Francisco, U. S. A.

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Revised March 9, 2018

CARDINELL-VINCENT CO. also produced postcards for those listed below. Many of the images were the same, though some captions were worded slightly different:

Mfg. for the Camera Supply Co.
Mfg. for D. Denniston
Mfg. for Goldsteins
Mfg. for Philippine Education Co.
Mfg. for Roberts, Inc.

In alphabetical order
Caption on reverse unless noted otherwise.

Army and Navy Club Manila, P. I.
Cathedral of Manila Manila, P. I.
Gate at Fort Santiago Manila, P. I.
Philippine General Hospital Manila, P. I.
Plaza Moraga Manila, P. I.
Public Carrometer P. I.
The Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory Manila, P. I.

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