Philippine Postcards by Publisher
from the early 20th century

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Below, in alphabetical order, are known publishers of Philippine Postcards that were produced in the first half of the 20th century. This is just a partial list, I'll be adding additional publishers when time allows. I've shown every postcard that I know of for each of the publishers and will add more as I find them. But, there are many many more cards still to be discovered. If anyone would like to contribute, by adding postcard information to my webpage, please do, it will be greatly appreciated.
Publishers of Philippine Postcards 1900-1950

Burr McIntosh

Camera Supply Company, Manila, P. I.

CARDINELL-VINCENT CO., San Francisco, U. S. A.


Denniston's, Manila, P.I.

E. C. Mc. Cullough & Co. Manila, P. I.

Edward H. Mitchell San Francisco, Cal.

Goldsteins, Manila, P. I.

I. Beck (J. Beck), Manila, P. I.

Kemlein & Johnson, Manila P. I.

L. J. Lambert, Manila

Lambert and Springer, with 413 known images (to be added)

Libreria de Colon, Manila

Miscellaneous Philippine Publishers with less then 5 known cards (to be added)

Phil. Curio Agency (to be added)

Philippine Education Co., Inc.

Philippine Mission Postcards (to be added)

Photo Materials and Paper Co., Cebu, P. I.

Photo Supply Co.

Philippine Private Mailing Postcards (to be added)

Raphael Tuck and Sons

Roberts, Inc.


Squires, Bingham & Co. (to be added)

Sun Photo supply, Manila, P. I.

The Camera Company, Manila, P. I.

Thos. Cook & Son

Vicente Arias Fernandez, Manila

Visayan Drug Co.

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